Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Its New and Coming Soon the BLIND FACTOR

Talented however feared is however would be hopefuls in search of fame feel concerning getting into a show just like the X issue. Contestants recognize what to expect and square measure ready to concentrate to comments on their performance, however what do they get AN ear bashing of abuse. you'll not blame successive Whitney Houston and Marvin Gaye's holding back from getting into the show all as a result of they have to go to weight watchers.

Most of the time the remarks projected from the judge's mouth is terribly undignified. Comments is harmful not constructive towards the competition wherever their appearance/weight or however they need a hickey to several is disclosed before of millions.

God damn it. this is often a talent show. what number of you sit back in shock once the results square measure proclaimed and therefore the most proficient square measure ushered through the gate.

Let us amendment the foundations of the X issue in order that everybody gets a good crack of the whip, however you ask?

To make it honest we have a tendency to decision the show the Blind issue wherever the judges at no time throughout the competition get to check the aspiring hopefuls, as a result of all singing is performed behind a screen. this manner you'll make sure the winner of the competition is judged strictly on talent alone.

There square measure loop holes wherever fellow colleagues that unremarkably work aboard the judges can break the foundations and provides some information to influence the judge's call in creating the proper alternative. this is often simply resolved by whisking the panel of judges off to a secure house within the country wherever they need no contact with the surface world any.

Can you imagine Sharon Joseph Louis Barrow and Simon underneath constant roof? it might be a good creating of a fly the wall series.

Each week the judges of the X issue are going to be allowed to raise the finalists queries in hope to make a much bigger image close the background of the entrant. Then the panel ought to offer a picture of the person they need conjured up in their mind at the finals before the screen is force back revealing the winner.

This is the sole answer for fairness in an exceedingly competition as huge as this and a guarantee that the person surfing every week is voted in strictly for his or her talent.

Carmen Miranda was ne'er seen while not a basket of fruit on head, Ian Drury was maimed and Stevie marvel blind, no matter their look or disabilities of these artists went on to prime the music charts and why, as a result of they'd the X issue.

This show referred to as the Blind issue would be FULLER fun. Simon Cowell if you're reading this, bear in mind this concept is mine. it might be a blind fool to mention otherwise.

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